Author Topic: How can photo's be uploaded to this forum?  (Read 1 times)


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How can photo's be uploaded to this forum?
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How are pictures supposed to be posted to this forum?   I have been trying several times with no success.   

My photos are taken with an iPhone and stored as .jpeg format in the apple photo library, which (UNBELIEVABLY) are not accepted.   

I have copied these as a Mac file.   The following have not worked using Safari and Chrome browsers:

- change file type to .jpg
- re-save file as .png
- re-save file as pdf

All 3 of the above file are documented as allowed, yet the forum will not accept the upload.   

I'm trying to get help for a serious problem.  I have not been able grow for 4 years, doing the same prep as all the prior successful years.   I hope some one can help with this picture upload issue so gardendoc or other helpful experts can evaluate my situation.