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End of season tomatoes
« on: November 13, 2022, 05:20:48 pm »
I stretched the season out as much as I could, but we have a week-long stretch of overnight lows near or below freezing coming, so I had to harvest everything I could last Friday and say farewell for now.

This is a clone of a clone of a Sun Sugar plant I bought last year.  It was originally planted in a 5-gallon bucket and didn't produce very much.  But they were so sweet I wanted to see if I could keep them going over the winter and plant them again this spring, so I rooted cuttings last fall.  It worked, and this is the result--about 12-13 feet long.  I already have three rooting cuttings for next year and took one final one when I was harvesting.  Fingers crossed for next spring!

I can't see the picture in the preview, so I don't know if it posted.  If not, sorry!