Author Topic: Tiny black dots on green tomatoes??  (Read 4618 times)


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Tiny black dots on green tomatoes??
« on: May 13, 2022, 09:03:29 pm »
Hi there, this is my second year using EBís. Unfortunately I planted indeterminate tomatoes in all three boxes and I am almost 2 months into growing and so far staking is a challenge again this year presumably because of the types of tomatoes and because they are not getting enough daily sun so they are getting quite tall. I have temporarily remedied this by making PVC cages and Iím still going up! I hate to post a bunch of questions but when I search my questions I am not doing so well finding my answers or perhaps Iím doing it wrong.

Iím concerned because on several of my small green tomatoes I am seeing tiny black dots on them. The bigger they get the more dots they seem to have. I did not use any calcium nitrate last year but I have just ordered some this week and will begin adding it when it comes. Are these little dots the beginning of BER symptoms or another condition that I need to treat?

Other issues I have had are severe leaf curl and wilting plants. I used the replant kits and removed the top 4 or 5 inches of soil from last yearís box to make sure I was getting the fertilizer strip out. In each box I used some of the old soil mixing it with new potting mix (Foxfarm Ocean Forest potting soil) and using the dolomite as well as the fertilizer strip. My plant that is the tallest has suffered the most from the wilt. I read somewhere that overfertilization could cause the wilt but I went right by the instructions. As far as I know itís not an issue of under hydration because I water every day. The week after I planted we did have very strong winds here in Tallahassee and some rainy weather but the leaf curl has persisted in spite of beautiful sunny weather recently.

Fortunately the third box and the last that I planted is located in the most sun and it does not have any wilt issues and the plants are not as tall as the problem plants and generally it looks healthier with lots of pretty yellow flowers 😊

So my questions are what could be causing the tiny black dots, and should I be concerned about leaf curl on several of my plants and the wilting condition on the very tall one?