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Hi there, I am new to this site and having a little difficulty figuring out where to start on this forum so please bear with me. I bought two earth boxes last year and did fairly well going right by the instructions. I used tomato plants that were given to me and I think all four were indeterminate plants. Therefore my biggest challenge was staking them as they grew so high but I sort of managed. Iím trying to find posts or recommendations regarding reusing last years planting medium or not. I tried to do a search but must have done something wrong. Is there a place where I can read recommendations regarding this. Alternatively I can just start over with all new soil, I just remember reading somewhere last year about the potential benefits of reusing old planting medium. Thank you for your help


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Hi, Bluebird! I am new, too, and only registered on the forum last week, but I've been reading and watching videos for months now.  From what I have read, it's not necessary to dump your mix and start over, but it's actually more beneficial to reuse, as the dolomite works better after a year or so.  Here is a video instructional for you (hope this works): If this link doesn't work, go to the EarthBox home page, find videos, then look for the one that says Replanting Your Earthbox.

From what I've read, the mix can be used a decade or so.  I think horticulturist Gary Bachman (who is a Global Moderator known as gardendoc here) has used the same mix for up to 13 years.  Happy planting!


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Bluebird, you'll reuse your potting mix and every time you replant add some fresh and mix it in. I've been using EathBoxes since 2008 and have never dumped one out to replace the mix. Enjoy your new growing system
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