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Disclaimer: This post was originally posted by Hero Member, superjono. This user is located in Dallas, Texas Zone 8a. This was originally posted on August 31, 2013.

I have been closely observing every bee that visits my bee/butterfly friendly plants. My basil didn't receive nearly as much attention from bees as my luffas did.
MAN! luffas seeds are so worth the money. When a luffa is fully ripened and developed (and dried and brown and wrinkly) smack it around like your BAM BAM FLINSTONE, listen for that loud rattling-then tear off the skin off the fat end to pour out about 100 or more large black seed. Next year your set as to how many you want to plant. Also to note, The luffa grow crazy fast as soon as they are about 4 months old and the summer heat hits. Just F.Y.I.