Author Topic: Any problem with AWS using well water?  (Read 327 times)


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Any problem with AWS using well water?
« on: May 27, 2021, 07:47:27 pm »
I moved a few years ago and now have well water which is moderately hard (80 ppm on cheap digital tester). While I have not had water tested it clearly has a fair amount of iron based on 3 years of residue I keep cleaning from sinks, etc. Might finally get around to connecting all 12 EBs to AWS that I had used successfully for several years on city water. I expect that things will work fine, but with greater chance of AWS becoming "clogged" and not sealing and turning off. Any experience? Suggestions for periodic cleaning of AWS to free it from debris/contamination?

FWIW my pressure compensating drip irrigation emitters have worked fine on well water for several years here so am optimistic about the AWS. I will probably put the AWS on a timer (or hook into controller for drip irrigation) so that it can only replenish water for an hour or two before dawn - I figure this will make sure the water reservoir refill is cool water; and more importantly that if there is AWS failure that the amount of water in an hour or two would be manageable.