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How to Harvest Perfect Produce
« on: January 29, 2020, 12:10:45 pm »
Most folks work hard to grow their vegetables and fruits. Harvesting them properly is not just keeping them fresh and intact, but it ensures that you maximize the harvest itself.

Itís helpful to have a guide showing what the fruit or vegetable should look like when itís ready to harvest. Knowing exactly when to pick can make all the difference in flavor and storability. While there are harvesting schedules on most seed packets, you shouldnít be literal to the day. Maturity rates can vary each year depending on the growing conditions for the season. Visual and tactile cues are the most reliable way to know when your produce is ready to be picked.

Our blog site has a great article about Harvesting the Perfect Produce:

Your local garden center or county extension agent can help with advice on harvesting your crops:

To use the Cooperative Extension list click on any state and look for the county that you live in. They are one of the largest agricultural education systems in the world.