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EarthBox Automatic Watering System
« on: November 21, 2019, 10:59:31 am »
Did you know that you can use an Automatic Watering System with the EarthBoxes? It’s 2-Box, 4-Box, 6-Box and a 12-Box Kit. EarthBox also offers an Automatic Water System Expansion kit for adding additional EarthBoxes to the Automatic Watering System. There is an AWS for the Original EarthBox and for the Root & Veg EarthBoxes.

Junior EarthBoxes can also use the Automatic Watering System. The Junior Water Fill Tube will need to be removed from the EarthBox and replaced with a water fill tube that works on the Original EarthBox. The water fill tube for the Original EarthBox is 12” long. The junior water fill tube is 8.5” long. When ordering the AWS for the Junior EarthBox, order the system for the Original EarthBox. Additional fill tubes are no longer included with the Automatic Watering System. Replacement water fill tubes can be ordered separately.

There is a wonderful blog about how to operate and troubleshoot the Automatic Watering System, “The Best Way to Water Your EarthBox Garden”. Here is a link to that blog post:
Commonly, people call in about the following: The overflow hole is leaking/overflowing, the EarthBox isn’t getting any water, and the pressure regulator isn’t working. There is an easy to read “AWS Troubleshooting” section.