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Website Issues
« on: October 15, 2019, 10:27:14 am »
Customers commonly contact us regarding an issue with placing an order on our website,
Sometimes all that needs to be done is to refresh your browser, clear your cache and try a different browser such as Google Chrome. You could also try a hard reset (Ctl + F5).

If a reset doesn’t work, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

        Clear your browser history and data in Google Chrome:
              •   By clicking the three vertical dots at the top right, go to Settings.
              •   Scroll down and click on Advanced or More Tools.
              •   Click on clear browsing data
              •   Then, click clear data.

If clearing your history and data didn’t work, or you are receiving any error messages, please contact us at

              Please include in the email: 

               The exact error message.
                 What stage of the buying process are you in? Are you in the final steps, viewing cart, etc. 
                 Date and time of day when the issue occurred. 
                 Using a mobile device, tablet, or desk top computer.
                 Type of credit card. If card which type? Or did you use PayPal instead of a credit card when placing the order?
                 If possible, send screen shots.

It’s been difficult for our IT folks to assist in correcting this issue without the information above. The more information that we have from our customers, the easier it would be for our IT folks to figure out where the problem lies.

Thank you! :)