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Greetings from Denver CO
« on: April 27, 2019, 02:47:21 am »
Hello EBers,

New to the forum. BTW James ignore my last message to you - obviously I have access to the forum now and I didn't realize it.  Trying EB's for the first time this year. I got the Originals + AWS 4 pack.   I've been perennial gardening for many years - an inherited interest from my mom.  Then finally a few years ago I started growing veggies, using homemade grow bags.  I think this would be my 5th year growing veggies. Nothing is as thrilling like having your own food source.   As all gardeners know, every experiment requires a full year, which can be frustrating, especially when you make mistakes.  For that reason forums like these are a tremendous resource, if you're willing to spend some time reading.   I am, which is why I'm up past midnight on the eve of planting season. 
I'm going to try EB's this year instead of grow bags. Well at least mostly EB's.  I probably will buy more seedlings than I have space in the EB's for, and I can always plant the remainder in grow bags.   The several year long grow bag experiment was mildly successful.  I had them set up for automated watering which was great for the dry weather we have here. But the production was underwhelming, specifically for the zucchini, spaghetti squash, and yellow squash. The indeterminate tomatoes were reasonably productive but didn't really start ripening until  very late in the season.  Denver weather can be challenging - hail storms. Late or early frosts / snow storms, +90 degree heat in the midst of summer.  The portability of the EB's (and grow bags) can be an advantage for some of those conditions.   So, I'm going to see how this goes.   I will try my best to read what is already on the forum before posting a redundant question.