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... hello? Anybody there?

I recall when I was looking into the various sub irrigated systems, years ago, that one of the benefits of the EarthBox was a robust online community. 

I know that many discussion boards went into decline as Facebook ramped up. Is that what's happened, here? I still prefer the discussion board format. Although, one of the greatest strengths of discussion boards is preservation of threads and information. It looks like there was some sort of big move and an ensuing loss of information/rebuild?  Newb.

Anyhow, I go by Caesg. I garden in the Rocky Mountain region, Zone 5.  I recently picked up my first ever sub irritated planter, an EarthBox, off the classifieds. 

My top concerns at the moment are: finding some box or table or something to get my box off the ground so the dog doesn't water it! Aaaaand, figuring out proper feeding in a contained system.

I've got my eye on the roof of the detached garage. I don't know how the landlord would feel about that. I live in a tiny apartment with a gravel backyard. The garage to the North, and the fencelines to the East and South, really cast long shadows. I haven't noticed the actual quadplex to the West causing much trouble, sun-wise.


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Welcome to the forum! 

FB is one of the things that happened to it, but also the original forum shut down, then a new one opened, after the sale of the company.  Here is a link to the old forum archives, just so you can see some of the old posts, but you can't reply, and you can't do searches, just look around.  And not everything comes up...not sure why.  You may have already found this on the "Announcements".

And somebody, when the new forum started up, collected a lot of the more useful threads and put them on here.  The highlighted sections in the different categories are mostly those.

As for your questions, whatever you get for elevating the EB, be sure it is heavy duty, as a filled EB is HEAVY!  Something to think about on roofs, too.

As for feeding, if you follow the instructions (if you didn't get instructions with it, the EB website gives the detailed instructions), with the strip of fertilizer, and the dolomite, there isn't much more you have to worry about, though a tip from Gardendoc works great for tomatoes:  a tsp of calcium nitrate in the watering hole weekly helps with the Ca, as well as growth - a little "snack", as he puts it.   I add some "snacks" from my hydroponics setup, to start them out, and maybe boost flowering, if necessary in some cases, but it is pretty much self-contained.

Good luck with your EB, and good luck finding the info you need.