Author Topic: Is an Earthbox overkill for strawberries and other questions  (Read 101 times)

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Is an Earthbox overkill for strawberries and other questions
« on: April 04, 2018, 03:56:14 pm »
Hi y'all,

Long time gardener, first time Earthbox'er here. Also first time strawberry grower.

I bought five Earthboxes earlier this season, four organic and one not. All are doing really well. The boxes are filled with Fertilome and Happy Frog mix. The strawberry box is the one with conventional/not organic fertilizer, and has no added dolomite. The strawberry variety is Eversweet, and within one week of transplanting ripe berries started showing up.

But, am I using a Ferrari to go to the mail box? When I look at strawberry growing containers online they seem to mostly be shallower, stackable planters. I wonder if I should move the berries into a less sophisticated planter, add dolomite to that box, and plant something thirstier?

If I keep them in the Earthbox, should I remove the cover so the strawberry plants can have their babies more easily? Are strawberries as productive grown in potting mix as they would be in their preferred soil mix of compost and sand and soil? If not I should move them.

Thanks. I'll probably have more questions ... I sure appreciate what y'all have shared on these forums.
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