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BrittneyT2's first Earthbox Garden - 2016

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I planted my first Earthbox garden in 2016 and was hooked after just a couple of weeks.  I posted all of these on the old forum, but I cannot find them so I wanted to post again.  I had 6 boxes that first year.  I loved it, so I ordered 6 more and an AWS.  I was not able to plant in 2017, but I am counting the days to start my 2018 garden!  I still cannot believe how fast the tomatoes grew!  The peppers did great as well.  They grew very slowly for quite a while, but then all of a sudden took off and got huge!  Most delicious sweet peppers I've ever grown - I grew 2 varieties, and my favorite was Marconi Red.

I grew 2 boxes of tomatoes, 1 box lettuce, 1 box spinach, 1 box sweet peppers, and 1 box with cucumbers in the back and bush beans in the front.  I have a few regular containers with herbs & hot peppers, but they did not do well at all compared to the Earthboxes (hence why I ordered 6 more for the next one!)

I had 1 cherry-type tomatoe and 1 standard tomato plant in each of the 2 tomato boxes.  I think I will only plant 1 cherry tomato plant per box next time - they grew so big they drowned out the standard tomato plants.  I did have some problems with blossom end rot, so I will need to remember to supplement calcium this next season.  I grow organic, so I'm not sure what I can use for the calcium - will need to do some research.



I was wondering where you were with the sun shining so brightly and a really nice garden.  Then I read this was 2016 and your zone. 

I think we are all having nasty, cold weather.  Have to go out and cover the young cauliflower and broccoli plants.  Lows in the 20's forecast for tonight and later in the week.  Our norms are in the 40 to 60 or higher range.

I hope you have a great 2018 growing season.

Nice garden Brittany!


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