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Zone 9a.  It's warmed up to 32 degrees and we still have a little bit of snow on the ground.  47 in one greenhouse and 35 in the other.  Hope the cukes are OK in the 35 degrees.

I have one die hard pepper plant, still trying to make more blossoms and ripen some peppers.  We had several days now with sunshine which is nearly unheard of, so the sunroom where the pepper plant lives does warm up nicely still.  Without the cloud cover, the temps do go down into the freezing at night though. Great news, the sun doesn't go down any sooner now in the afternoon.  Longer days are coming eventually. 

Wow, didn't think cukes can handle the low temperatures.  Great to be able to pick edibles in the winter, isn't it..


I hope that everyone has a safe, healthy, happy and great harvest in the new year.

Well, I thought 32 would be our coldest temps of the season (Dec 11th with snow), but tonight it's expected to be in the 20s.  23 @ 6 am.  First time ever that we drained the boxes.  Broccoli and kale still look good.  3 layers of row cover on tomatoes in popup greenhouse and a couple of candles going in the warmer.  Sure hope it helps tonight.

Greenhouse has a heater keeping temps @ 55.  Plenty of tomatoes and I have 6 cucumber plants that just came up.  I had some in the popup, but the snow did them in.  I did harvest @ 12.  I couldn't put a blanket over the popup because with the snow  I didn't think the roof poles could support it.  Anyway

Happy gardening and harvesting in 2018.


Yesterday morning the temp was 18 degrees.  Coldest it has been in a long time.  I covered my young broccoli and cauliflower, but the weight of the snow and ice may have done them in.  The greenhouse is heated so they're doing great.  The popup isn't heated, so we have two lamps with incandescent 60 watt bulbs and they kept the temp @ 10 to 15 degrees above outside temps.

Today we are having a heat wave.  It's already 40 degrees.

Doc:  How did you do?

Concentrated on getting large containers in the garage. Pick up the pieces this weekend. I have replacement transplants ready. Enjoy my effort


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