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Hurricane Nate

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We survived Hurricane Nate landfall at the Urban Nano Farm. Our EB veggies fared well. Luckily the tomatoes were orientated with the wind. Before and after pictures

Glad to hear there was not much damage!    Keeping positive thoughts going for all of those affected by recent hurricaines.

Ron & I were talking about you today Doc.  Wondering how you did since the hurricane came ashore closer to you than us.  We fared well.  The only thing we had was that an eggplant fell over.  It was in a single pot that I had wrapped with row cover.  I think the row cover did more harm than good.  But we picked it up, watered it and it's great.  Tomatoes didn't miss a beat.  I wrapped the bell peppers too and they did great.


It's interesting our home tomatoes were oriented with the wind, 80+ mph east to west, and sustained little damage. My trial tomatoes at the branch station were north to south and took a real beating

Hey Doc glad you made it through okay. Hurricane Irma gave me a beatdown and had I had my boxes planted I'm sure they would have been destroyed.


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