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2017 MILKMAN53 Earthbox


 ;D Well I planted my boxes this year. Its been strange year for my boxes nothing major. My new T for the stake failed on my cuke box. they just bend over I had us some wooded block and some zip tide. Last year they broke because they were old and crack off now the new one just bend over what the heck. I did get A LOT  of cukes this year the last year but the plants just about spended right now. The other are doing fine. Later

The T-Connectors are not intended to be used for use with a crossbar since 2010/2011, due to breakage. Around that time the crossbar was eliminated and the T-connector was replaced with a straight aluminum connector. In 2014, the straight connector was eliminated and replaced with a "crimped end" pole that fits into the standard pole.


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