Author Topic: Supplemental Fertizer for EB  (Read 8140 times)

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Supplemental Fertizer for EB
« on: September 02, 2017, 04:54:17 pm »
I've been growling tomatoes in 10 EB's for the
Last 4 years. I have always used the standard
EB fertilizer and the snack weekly. However, this
last season I decided to add Great Big Tomatoes
liquid compost to the water reservoir every 2
weeks. I had the most prolific harvest ever. What
I would like to know is if anyone could share their
methods and schedules for how you supplement
your boxes and what you use. I've been reading
about Texas Tomato Food as something I might
want to try. I had a lot of tomatoes but a little
too much BER for my liking. Thanks.