Author Topic: Brown edges on recently planted tomatoes  (Read 782 times)


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Brown edges on recently planted tomatoes
« on: May 13, 2020, 09:02:23 am »
Hi, this is my first time using an Earthbox/first experience with gardening. About a week ago, I planted 2 tomato plants (obtained from a plant sale at a community garden/non profit) in my Earthbox. I followed all the instructions and have been keeping the water reservoir full by adding water daily. However, in the last two days I have noticed that the edges of the leaves on my tomato plants are turning brown. Based on some googling, this suggests my plants are stressed and maybe not getting enough water? But I am not sure why this would be? Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?


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Re: Brown edges on recently planted tomatoes
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2020, 01:03:06 pm »
Most likely a little transplant shock, be patient
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