Author Topic: Past member has returned! Now in Tennessee  (Read 5999 times)

Jeff Dheere

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Past member has returned! Now in Tennessee
« on: April 22, 2020, 02:08:37 pm »
I used to be a fairly active member on this forum back when it was still new but I can't find my old username or what email address I was using back then... so, here I am again!

We set up our Earthboxes this year and they're just getting going and starting to wick well.

I've got a root and veg box that even though I bought it when it was first introduced, this is the first season it's getting used.  Nothing planted in it yet, but my wife wants to put beets in it.

I just set up an aquaponics system this year and I always thought the Earthbox would be a natural to work with the system.  Well, I'll tell you it sure does work.  Talk about an automatic watering system!  I'll have to start a thread somewhere and show it off.