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Growing Cool Weather Crops
« on: February 26, 2020, 11:00:04 am »
You may want to consider growing some cool weather crops. Gardening during the cooler months doesnít have to include lots of planning or a great volume of crops, try to grow some herbs or leafy vegetables.

Cool weather crops flourish in temperatures lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit so planting seeds or transplants at the right time will help ensure a healthy harvest. Cool season crops can be planted when soil and air temps are at least 40 degrees. Contact your local cooperative extension office to confirm which cool-season plants would thrive in your area:

Did you know that we have a blog article for Growing Cool Weather Crops:

You can find information regarding crops that mature in approximately 90-110 days, crops that mature in approximately 50-75 days and also crops that mature in approximately 30-50 days. We also have a list of cool-weather floral options.
Donít forget to refresh your EarthBox before planting these cool weather crops!