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Questions and Answers / Re: My tomatoes died
« Last post by Baileyj on September 09, 2018, 12:42:50 pm »
Was it just stem damage?  No leaf or tomato damage?  Did you notice any  bugs 🐛 or chewing on the stems?
If the leaves were not effective it seems like animals... deer, gopher, rats.  Etc ...
Just one plant ?
Sorry for all the questions... Iíve had animal damage and thatís what it seems like to me.
Questions and Answers / Re: snack
« Last post by Baileyj on September 09, 2018, 12:22:09 pm »
I buy mine at a farm co-op.  50 lbs for I think $20... it stores well in covered 5 gallon buckets. As long as it doesnít get wet it works well.
I have 40 regular and 10 juniors but even then I have a lot left from purchasing 2 years ago.
I try to be reasonably consistent in using it.  I use it on all veggies,  not just tomatoes.
Introductions / Re: It all started with marigolds ...
« Last post by Baileyj on September 09, 2018, 12:02:56 pm »
I thought your marigold post was about planting marigolds in the EB... :).  I always plant either a marigold or basil plant in my tomato boxes and have had good insect control with them.  I tuck it into the extra hole for the water tube..or make a spot if my own covers with parachord.
I plant between 12-20 boxes in tomatoes for the past 12+years.  I have 40 regular and 10 juniors which I donít use as efficiently.
Interested in following your successes with the root veg boxes.
You will love Earthboxes and am sure you will also.
Gook Luck, Judi
Tips and Tricks / Re: Toothpicks and skewers
« Last post by linear249 on September 06, 2018, 01:18:26 pm »
I have done the same thing, but used long hair bun pins.  They are stronger and last a lot longer.

Tips and Tricks / Toothpicks and skewers
« Last post by Dominic Gabriel on September 03, 2018, 01:59:33 pm »
My contribution:
Toothpicks and those bamboo barbecue skewers are helpful a lot of ways.
For example, I planted radish seeds in the R&V. I used toothpicks to keep the flaps of the plastic mulch out of the way until the seedlings were strong and large enough to deal.
Thanks! I had not thought of Better Boy, and your comments on BER are interesting.  I have not grown many IND plants in the EB, but I've found that BER seems to be more of a problem the first season when I've started with all new planting mix. So the first season, I go heavy on the dolomite -- about double what is suggested. (I've never used anything other than dolomite.)
Introductions / It all started with marigolds ...
« Last post by Dominic Gabriel on September 01, 2018, 10:27:48 pm »
I ended up growing some marigolds last year. I liked them.
Then I got a "rescue azalea" from my church's Easter flowers.
So I went to Lowe's to get some marigolds this spring.
They had PEPPERS!! And HERBS! And tomatoes!

And somebody told me about EB.
SO in addition to conventional containers, I ended up jockeying one EB full of herbs, one with peas, podding as we speak, and a root&veg with carrots and radishes.
At the sale I got 3 more regular EBs and 1 more R&V and while I fight pests on this years crop, I make plans for next years.

This is fun!
Questions and Answers / Re: Mixing Plants
« Last post by gardendoc on August 25, 2018, 01:46:59 pm »
An EB is fantastic for growing mint, but it will over run anything else planted with it
I am a big fan of Better Boys. They are delicious, indeterminate, and the size you want. I have not had trouble with stem cracking. The do get BER but I do fine when I use both weekly Ca+ Nitrate (the "cocktail") AND one application of hydrated lime which I add when the tomatoes are 3 feet tall. I not longer wait to see the BER like in the EB instructions, I lose to many fruit.
Questions and Answers / Re: Mixing Plants
« Last post by pmkdo on August 25, 2018, 11:42:28 am »
Has anyone tried mixing basil and mint in one Earthbox? I know they are in the same family; but I am concerned about the mint taking over the box. I usually do great using one box with four basil plants but don't use that much mint. Hoping to do done one box with three basil and one mint.

BTW, I do very well planting one Earthbox with one plant each of parsley, Italian parsley, cilantro and dill. I put the parsleys in the front towards the sun and the dill in the back so it does not shade the smaller plants.

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