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Questions and Answers / Re: Need help with poor results for a few years
« Last post by Mary-Alice on May 06, 2021, 12:48:54 pm »
Have you talked with neighbors to see if they had similar changes within their gardens? Maybe you all had a weather pattern that threw things off?
Questions and Answers / Re: cover crop instead of plastic weed barrier?
« Last post by Mary-Alice on May 06, 2021, 12:34:00 pm »
I have not. I am new to using an EarthBox. I have grown vegys in other containers though.
I think the cover crop might be adding competition for the limited resources within the container.

It is my understanding that clover and such planted in garden or field soil help to trap nitrogen that would not be available to other plants, and then the cover crop is tilled into the soil to then get the captured nitrogen released so that the next crop can hopefully benefit from it. Potting mixes and container growing is very different than growing directly in the earth. I will keep an eye on this tread to see what others have to say....
Tips and Tricks / Re: evaporation/mosquito mitigation
« Last post by Mary-Alice on May 06, 2021, 11:59:38 am »
I am thinking I might just slip a produce bag over the top of the tube, the one I bought my red onions in. It has very small holes and I think will last the season, I can still water through it. I will simply tie in onto the tube. If mosquitoes get to be a problem at all, maybe there is a way to use those mosquito dunks....not sure, I will have to look into it. Have you read anything about using those? I am sure hydroponics growers have had to deal with this before, hopefully there will be some good information....I will keep an eye on your post/thread in hopes to learn more....
Over the Garden Fence / Re: Insect Netting
« Last post by Mary-Alice on May 06, 2021, 11:48:12 am »
White flies are attracted to the color yellow. There are products out there that are white fly sticky traps. Follow the directions on the box the traps come in. The adults fly over and get stuck. Note the recommendations regarding the placement of the traps relative to the infested plants. The traps help knock the adult population down and then wash down the plants with a jet of water and once that dries, spray with insecticidal the directions on that too, especially the details regarding coverage and timing of applications (timing regarding outside temperatures AND frequency of applications due to the life cycle of the pest).

Netting would only help if you were sure there weren't already any whiteflies already on the plants, the net would just protect them inside the net!

Introductions / New to forum, new to growing in earthbox
« Last post by Mary-Alice on May 06, 2021, 11:30:35 am »
I bought three EarthBox from a garden store nearby. I planted the first one last night. I put in 6 peppers. I was amazed to read that they say I can plant corn in an earthbox, and even more amazed to see that they list 16 as the number of corn plants to grow!!!! I am thinking that is a lot and although I know there are short varieties, most are tall and big and leafy! Seems like they would be very very crowded. What is your fav thing to grow in your earthbox and have you ever grown sweetcorn in it?
Tips and Tricks / evaporation/mosquito mitigation
« Last post by tankertoad on May 04, 2021, 02:56:41 pm »
This may not be worth it for many, but it gets pretty hot and dry here in central Texas.  If you have any old, or even new if you don't need the caps, spray cans of paint around, take a look inside the cap.  The cap's inner cylinder outside diameter is just a bit smaller than the inside diameter of the watering tube, so the inner cylinder in the cap will fit very nicely into the watering tube.  The cap won't blow off unless the wind is pretty strong because the inner part of the cap fits into the watering tube.  It's bound to help some with water loss due to evaporation, and might help a bit with mosquito issues, although there is still a way for mosquitoes to get in through the overflow vent.  Easy to remove and replace during watering.  Just tinkering.  Might help some folks.
Questions and Answers / Re: No water from AWS
« Last post by gardendoc on April 27, 2021, 03:11:54 pm »
I'd say it's a stuck diaphragm, carefully remove the screws and gently separate the halves. Clean and reassemble.
Questions and Answers / Re: No water from AWS
« Last post by tomato beans on April 27, 2021, 10:15:58 am »
Thanks garden doc. I did as per your video and get zero water. I've been doing the same with a glass but without the black tube and ditto,  no water. What in the world?
Questions and Answers / Re: No water from AWS
« Last post by gardendoc on April 27, 2021, 06:01:40 am »
Here's a video we did on how the AWS works. You should be able to test your AWS using jars on raising/lowering the AWS,
Questions and Answers / No water from AWS
« Last post by tomato beans on April 26, 2021, 06:41:05 pm »
I've used the AWS in my 3 boxes for several years, replacing the regulator off and on. This year the regulator seems fine but there is no water coming from the sensors (all 3). Last winter I bought a new sensor from EB because I was going to add a box but I didn't. I took out the old sensor & tube  from the first box in my row and installed the new sensor but still, no water. When taking the old sensor out, I tested the water and it came through the smallest tubing just fine. I keep thinking I'm missing something very obvious. Is there a way to test or  What to do?
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