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Questions and Answers / Need help with poor results for a few years
« Last post by thefist on April 12, 2021, 03:25:40 pm »
I've been planting earthboxes for about 10yrs.   In the last 3 or 4, I've had terrible results.  Here's the best I can describe it:

Each year I plant 2-3 boxes of tomatoes, 1 misc. pepper, 1 cucumber.   Mix used has mostly been Premier peat moss with added vermiculate and perlite per recc's.   Sometimes Miracle Grow Organic potting mix used to top off boxes.  10-10-10 fert from garden centers and Espoma garden lime used.   
All 5 boxes watered with AWS, which appears to be working properly. 

2016 - moved to new house, garden location is in full sun all day.  Good results with full size plants and high yield on all boxes.  Mostly used wire cages.
2017 - switched to trellis' from cages due to high wind.   Same mix.   The result this year was VERY SHORT plants on all boxes.  Indeterminate tomato which grew 10' tall stopped at only 3 or 4 and often bushed out.   This happened on all plants, even the peppers.  Pepper plants previously grew 6' high, but stopped at about 3' or even shorter.  Cukes did not grow to full size either. 

WIth everything growing short like this, it doesn't seem like some plant-specific disease.  What could be going wrong here?   
I have tried changing out the mix completely a couple times since 2017.  I briefly used plastic bags as covers, which worked in the past.  Last year was Earthbox covers and same result. 

I can't say for sure, but when planted, the small plants seem very healthy and look great.   It is after AWS attached when this happens.   Could I have a water problem?   I run a hose above ground from spigot to the garden before connecting AWS.   

I'll look for pics and post if needed.   Note that in my neighborhood there are a few people with earthboxes.

Questions and Answers / Re: Growing medium question
« Last post by gardendoc on April 12, 2021, 09:21:07 am »
Don't mix your own, it will alter the water holding capacity. Any commercial mix engineered for containers will work. MG (yellow/green) bag, MG Moisture Control (blue/black) bag are fine. Independent garden centers usually carry commercial professional mixes, like Jolly Gardener, Promix, Sunshine, etc
Questions and Answers / Growing medium question
« Last post by tankertoad on April 08, 2021, 10:34:57 pm »
I am replanting my Earthboxes with last year's Earthbox growing medium and need to add a bit of growing medium to it.  It is very difficult to find an appropriate substitute in my area so I want to mix my own, since I think I can easily find the ingredients.  The Earthbox website says the growing medium should be "Sphagnum peat-based (70%-95%) that contains perlite or vermiculite."  Does that mean it would be, for example, 70% sphagnum (by volume) and 30% perlite (by volume), or is there something else that is in the Earthbox version besides those two things?  Thanks
My EarthBox / Re: Cucumbers and zucchini growing well
« Last post by gardendoc on April 04, 2021, 08:46:31 am »
That's outstanding. I'm sowing cucumber seeds this week
Tips and Tricks / Re: Trellis design gallery
« Last post by daihard on April 04, 2021, 12:57:51 am »
I made my trellis out of 1 x 2" lumber and used coated clothesline as the cross pieces. I reinforced the bottom center of the trellis with a 2 x 4" because of the weight of the vegetables on it.
My EarthBox / Cucumbers and zucchini growing well
« Last post by daihard on April 03, 2021, 07:12:12 pm »
Our cucumbers and zuchinni are growing well together. Using the AWS for watering.
Questions and Answers / cover crop instead of plastic weed barrier?
« Last post by sifuz on April 03, 2021, 12:04:53 am »
has anyone used a cover crop like red clover as a nitrogen fixer in an earthbox instead of the black plastic weed/moisture barrier?
Makes total sense. The grower puts multiple seeds in a pot to ensure germination.  I would snip out the extras
When I buy zucchini seedlings, they always come in pots with 3 little zucchini seedlings spaced just a couple of inches apart  This is treated as a single plant, but it's really 3 plants.  So, when Earthbox says you can plant 2 zucchini plants, does that mean I should plant them as-is, or separate out so I truly have just 2 plants in the Earthbox (rather than 6)?  I hope this makes sense!  Thanks.
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