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Questions and Answers / Re: Support for tomato clusters??
« Last post by linear249 on Today at 01:20:48 am »
See pic
Questions and Answers / Re: Support for tomato clusters??
« Last post by linear249 on Today at 01:07:45 am »
I use a combination of tomato clip, tomato hook and string.
Over the Garden Fence / Watering
« Last post by Maingun on May 25, 2022, 04:07:28 pm »
Before our EarthBox experience, we did gravity watering.  We got the unique gravity soaker hoses, a 350 gallon drum and a bunch of pvc pipe.  We put the water drum raised up about 6 feet higher than the mounds.  We filled it from our deep water well.  It worked well.  Well, with the EarthBoxes, we wanted to see if we could hook up a hose and fill them from the water drum!  It works great!  From leaving the house, going down to the garden, filling them up and going back to house takes 7 minutes!  We come back later in the day to do plant maintenance.
Tips and Tricks / Re: evaporation/mosquito mitigation
« Last post by rotor on May 25, 2022, 09:12:56 am »
just take some old window screen and glue it on the drain hole and over the fill tube, should come with the box 2 cent fix.

Everyone is focused on  the fill tube but I bet they come in from the drain
Tips and Tricks / Re: Earthbox Mosquitoes? Drat!!
« Last post by rotor on May 25, 2022, 08:56:10 am »
why don't you just glue some window screen over the drain hole and the fill hole. seems easy to me
Questions and Answers / Support for tomato clusters??
« Last post by Bluebird on May 22, 2022, 03:46:54 pm »
I’m curious as to how you all handle tomato plants with clusters of tomatoes. I’m noticing that one or two of my plants have small clustered tomatoes (not cherry tomatoes) and the main stem they are branching from appears to be bending kind of sharply from the weight of the fruit. Do you guys just leave this alone and assume the fruit is getting the nutrients it needs or do you try and support it in any manner? Like soft ties or the like? Thanks!
Yes, thank you …. now I know not to plant all indeterminate tomatoes and will not make that mistake again. And I know you only grow determinate and I can sure see why!

But my question is … when the main stem gets like a foot over the top of the trellis (roughly 9 feet off the ground) can you just kind of train it to grow back down the opposite side? Like by tying loose supports or using the small rings (which I’ve ordered) to help it along and back kind of down? Most of my blooms are up there in the top of the plant so I’d hate for the main stem to bend at a real sharp angle consequently cutting off nutrient supply?? Or do you just leave them alone and not worry about it?

I understand that those of you with many, many boxes are pros with years of experience. So maybe you’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff anymore. But those of us relatively new with only a few boxes have so much to learn from you guys and hopefully you know how much we appreciate your feedback and input. So thank you.

And when you have a chance please let me know if you have any insight into what could be causing the tiny black dots on the green tomatoes and/or what I can do about it.  Thanks again
Because of the growth potential of indeterminate tomatoes I switched to growing primarily determinate tomatoes for the ease of plant management.

You can top the plants but that will divert resources way from developing fruit. Why not just let them hang over?
Introductions / Re: Wow
« Last post by gardendoc on May 16, 2022, 01:02:13 pm »
Loved meeting everyone at the Alabama Master Gardeners Conference. Glad to see you've jumped onto the EarthBox bandwagon with both feet.
Introductions / Wow
« Last post by Maingun on May 16, 2022, 09:36:19 am »
Met Gary at the Alabama Master Gardener Convention this month.  Lots of great things he presented.  The Earthboxes were the most intriguing to us.  When we got home, we ordered 15 of them.  Finally all loaded and planted.  Already have plans to improve the layout, but we're excited.  We're actually measuring how much water each box takes everyday.  Last year we put our well in and this is the first time we're really using it.  Close by the garden and it's great water without the chemicals of city water.  So far they all look great.
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