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Questions and Answers / Re: Ab EarthBox "Collar?"
« on: January 01, 2019, 04:07:31 am »
You are absolutely correct.  Adding an extension will provide an area that "gets water at a slower rate".  With approved potting mixes or straight peat moss, you can easily get strong wicking to 18" and beyond. You could flip an older or cracked Earthbox and ziptie it at the rim then cut holes for planting sites. You could also use plastic from barrels or plexiglass or line wood with plastic sheeting. Another option is to experiment with using barrels or large plastic pots instead of modifying perfectly good Earthboxes. More options are to not fill one of the wicking areas in the bottom of the earthbox when adding potting mix OR shrink the amount of wickable area in each of the wicking pockets which will restrict the flow of water on the hottest days but may not affect the mix saturation on cloudy, cool days.

I mention "gets water at a slower rate" because on cloudy or cooler days or if the box is inside under lights, the plants will not transpire as much and the upper layers of potting mix will be much wetter than on warm, sunny days. Taller potting mix will also reduce germination of seeds at a certain point.  I found a 12" potting mix height to be a good compromise between cost and flexibility. Heavy feeding plants like tomatoes or corn may not perform as well if roots cannot access enough water due to drier root zones (wilting).  Hope this helps.

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