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What do you do with your AWS when the plants in one or more of your boxes are done producing, while plants in the rest of your boxes are still producing?  I'd like to put a shut-off / on-off valve before each box so that I can shut off the AWS on individual boxes, but I can't find the correct size on/off valve.  I wanted to put the valve on the smaller 0.125" (1/8" ID) tubing.  Has anyone found a valve that works or a solution?  I have on-off valves on my drippers in my flower beds and they work great.  I emailed Earthbox and they said due to their tubing being ID's, it's hard to find parts elsewhere and they don't sell a valve. They suggested to either just leave the AWS on the empty box alone as the reservoir should stay full and it shouldn't pull any water, or they said I can put the sensor in a full glass of water to trick the sensor into thinking it doesn't need any water.  We have been in a heatwave, so I think the water in the reservoir on the empty box has been evaporating and the AWS keeps kicking on because I see that the deck around the box is wet every morning.  It's not a huge deal, but I figured someone on here must have found a valve that works.  I only have a couple of boxes so I could add a separate AWS line for each box on a faucet splitter if I have to.

Thanks, Pam

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