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I agree with linear249.

You really can't mix dolomite throughout the box at this point without badly damaging the roots of your plants. So I would just refresh the fertilizer band and be sure to tape up the cover afterwards as best you can.

Using the "snack" of calcium nitrate weekly is a very good idea to prevent BER since you can't add more dolomite.

Introductions / Hello again
« on: May 08, 2018, 10:44:02 am »
Hi, everyone! I'm Laura and I garden in the Florida Panhandle. Not that my username was a clue or anything.  ;)

I was an occasional participant in the old Earthbox forum. Since the new forum was started, I have popped over here occasionally and lurked, but I haven't posted on the new forum before today. It's been good to see a few of the familiar faces from the old forum here.

Over the years my EB collection has expanded and now I am up to 24 boxes, which *finally* are all hooked up to irrigation this year - what a time saver that will be this summer!

I grow various veggies year round. There is enough of a winter in this part of the state that I am limited to frost-tolerant veggies from November to February. But there is something growing in at least some of my boxes 365 days a year. Though it is off-topic for this forum, I also garden in a few raised beds.

Happy Gardening, everyone!

My EarthBox / Re: gardendoc's 2018 garden
« on: May 08, 2018, 10:13:03 am »
I can't see your video, Gardendoc.

When I click on play, Facebook sends me to a login screen that says "You must log in." There doesn't appear to be any way to get past the login screen and see the video.

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