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Title: Yellowing leaves on Tomato Plants
Post by: wolfstone636 on August 05, 2021, 09:45:17 am
I am located in central New Jersey. I am growing cherry tomatoes in my earthbox. I am using organic mechanics potting soil. I am also using espoma 1010 ten garden few food. I am also using the espoma garden lime. The leaves on my tomato plants are turning yellow. I am attaching a photo. I have been reading online. Many people say that this is a result of magnesium deficiency. I have been using calcium nitrate once a week in order to prevent blossom and rot. Some posts have suggested using Epson salt mixed into water to remedy the magnesium deficiency. Id like to find out if anybody has any input as to whether this would be a good idea? I am unsure as to whether to pour this mix directly into the reservoir or on top of the plants.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Title: Re: Yellowing leaves on Tomato Plants
Post by: gardendoc on August 05, 2021, 10:19:10 am
It's not Mg deficiency, that is actually a very rare occurrence when especially using the dolomite as recommended.  This type of leave yellowing happens at this time in the summer, normal processes. Stay away from the Epsom salts, it's not the miracle everyone claims it to be.
Title: Re: Yellowing leaves on Tomato Plants
Post by: wolfstone636 on August 06, 2021, 06:03:05 pm
Thanks for your help
Title: Re: Yellowing leaves on Tomato Plants
Post by: Terree Goble on August 13, 2021, 06:30:50 pm
I am having the same thing...yellowing leaves on my tomatoes, but also on my peppers .  I am an original Earthbox owner with 3 boxes ( no automatic watering - they did not have them) and this is the worst year I ever had.  I want to cry....I must say this when I started with E.G.  I had such great tomatoes & peppers were perfect.  I bought the complete pkg from them each year, dirt, dolomite, fertilizer, etc. and followed directions.  I would call them if I had a problem and they are wonderful and they even said that I could use the same dirt a few years but just clear off the fertilizer, etc. as I am sure you all know or buy my own dirt.  This year I did not purchase the refill from EG as Iwas sick.  The dirt I bought was the miracle grow for vegetables?  I researched to buy the dolomite (which they don't label it that) and fertilizer.   I now do not know if the reason this is happening is because of the planting ingredients; the actual plants I planted; am I watering too much or too little?  Also, when watering, the water seems to come right thru the hole where we know to stop.  when I put my finger in soil, the dirt seems so "packed".    Can anyone help??  I never ever fed the veggies during the growing season as I never felt they needed it and they didn't...but I will if I can save them.  I have a few tomatoes and a few little peppers.  vines are so weak looking.
I hope someone has ideas as we did not have a forum years back.  I just called Pa. E.G.   Also, I am in south Jersey and it is hot as heck!!  thanx
Title: Re: Yellowing leaves on Tomato Plants
Post by: gardendoc on August 14, 2021, 03:28:24 pm
Terree, what fertilizer did you use this year and which specific MG for vegetable mix because the primarily for veggie mix from MG is for raised beds and not appropriate for your EarthBox. It sounds like, without seeing pictures or any other information, that your plants are hungry. I started advocating using calcium nitrate during the growing season to keep the available calcium and nitrogen levels up during times of heavy nutritional stress.

Can you share some pictures?