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Title: Using Earthbox with Bokashi soil
Post by: jesgilbert on March 05, 2018, 03:41:09 pm
Hello -

I've established a soil factory in my loft using Bokashi fermented by-product (originally food scraps), mixing it with organic potting mix, and letting it sit (to de-acidify) for several weeks.  I'm looking for suitable containers to make use of this nutrient-rich bioactive soil mix for growing food in my space.

I came across the Earthbox and thought it was a good candidate but saw that it is not recommended to use it with compost.  As the Bokashi soil is not typical compost I thought I'd inquire here and get your thoughts on this.

Since Earthbox markets a Probiotic system that seems to be using the Bokashi microbes as growth accelerants, I thought this might work.

Thanks in advance for any input!
Best, Jesse

For more info on bokashi and soil factories: (
Title: Re: Using Earthbox with Bokashi soil
Post by: Beau in Austin on April 04, 2018, 09:35:38 am
Although I'm new to Earthboxes I've read enough on these forums to suggest that it's crucial to use one of the recommended potting mixes that's 70 - 80% peat based, with perlite and vermiculite.

Your compost would probably do great in a conventional planter, or mixed into garden soil, and perhaps in small amounts mixed into the peat based system or added as a 'tea' in watering an Earthbox.