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Title: growing sweet potatoes
Post by: kitkat on February 22, 2018, 02:48:08 pm
Hello Earthbox - First time on since it's "rebirth".  Hope all is doing OK.

First year not planting since about 10 years.  Calendar just got away from me.  Since in Costa Rica there is no snow, having it melt didn't clue me in.

Has anyone planted sweet potatoes in their EB?  Can't get them here, so last trip to the States, we brought some back and want to try it.  I know I need "slips" (whatever they are?????).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Love to all,
Title: Re: growing sweet potatoes
Post by: linear249 on February 25, 2018, 10:57:26 am
Hi kitkat
How are you doing? How's the weather? Had a crazy year here on the Mississippi coast.  Snowed twice, normal highs here in 50 to 60 range.  Highs in the 80s past 2 weeks.  Tomatoes suffering in greenhouse.  Have a small fan trying to vent, installing a permanent fan this week.

I did sweet potatoes a few seasons back.  I bought slips (plants) from lowes.  In the 'old' days you could use a store bought potato that sprouted, but from what I read they spray a chemical on them that keeps them from sprouting.  You will probably need to buy 'cured' or potato seed from one of the seed companies.

My bottom line is don't waste the box.  I didn't get enough potatoes and they were pretty small.  They do run and root wherever they touch soil and produce.  If you have a small piece of ground that could be worked, that would probably work better.

Good luck
Title: Re: growing sweet potatoes
Post by: kitkat on February 25, 2018, 11:52:19 am
Aline - good to hear from you - missed the correspondence with everyone.  The weather here has been nuts also.  Rainy season ends the end of November, but we have seen rain since, which is very odd.  The calendar ran away from me, don't think planting this year.  Me and Bruce both had physical issues that we both haven't been "up to par" on the same day.  If I do plant now, everything will be ready just about when we go to NY for a few weeks, so will be feeding neighbors, after all our work.  We start from seed, so do lose a few weeks there....

I will never get the slips through customs.  If I hear of anyone going to the States that I can send to their address, I'll keep my ears open.  My son was on the Disney Dream last week and afterwards did some shopping in FL and brought back sweet potatoes (WERE THEY EVER GOOD - I LOVE THEM AND MISS THEM).  I think by now I should have seen some sprouting, NONE, after reading your post - I'm having the rest of them for dinner tonight.  I have no ground to plant in (just thought - my son does....).  Thanks as usual for your help.  Hopefully in the middle of July I can get them from Lowe's or HD and give them a try.  Rainy season - May - Nov so have to check expiration dates with crossed fingers.  Thanks and hope all is going good with you.