How long can tomato plants live?


Good morning,
Just curious about something: If one could ensure adequate sunlight, temperatures and water, how long do tomato plants keep producing? Would they keep producing all year long, year after year, or do they essentially wear out and "grow old and die" at some point?

Just wondering, since I know someone in Texas who is planning on building a greenhouse for tomatoes.


I have some dwarf cherries in an aerogarden inside and I am on my second harvest with them and they are putting out more flowers.  I planted them the end of March.  I know someone else who grew the Aerogarden mega cherry tomatoes for nine months before she pulled it.  Don't know if this helps or not.

I think the Disney tomato tree in Epcot lived and produced for 18-24 months.

Thanks. I'll have to read about the Disney tomato tree ....



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