Blossom End Rot and Pellet Garden Lime


I have the pelletized "Garden Lime".  It says it is dolomite lime on the bag.  Can I use this to make the 1 gallon mixure for BER?  Will it even disolve well? 

Steve will probably catch this in the morning and offer you some words of wisdom.

Welcome to the forum. Please tell us what Zone you live in. There is a thread on how to find out which Zone. Oh & please update all of us.


 I am in Zone 5. 

Does hydrated lime disolve entirely into a solution?  I tried a small amount of pellets with some water and they disolved some, but had some sediment left on the bottom.

I had bought some dolomite prior and ended up buying some hydrated lime to take care of a blossom end rot problem on some tomatoes.  When I spoke to the guy about it and asked him the differences between the two he stated that the dolomite is "pelletized" for a more slow release soil sweetener.  Whereas the hydrated lime is powdered and will dissolve much more readily in water as a solution.  The hydrated lime would be much more readily available for the plants to use if you mix it with water and put it in the reservoir.  You can think of it like this.  Those dry granular fertilizers are more slow release in comparison to those "blue" fertilizers that you mix in water which work much more rapidly and can burn the plants roots as such because of their water solubility.  When you have blossom end rot though, I would want to get the calcium as quickly as possible and use the hydrated lime for that purpose.

Robc, you stole the words right out of my mouth!  A perfect answer and explanation about the differences between pelletized lime products and hydrated lime.  Thanks!


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